Nuclear Energy Breakthrough

fusion _ medAnyone who knows anything about nuclear energy and physics is aware that progress in such a field is long, tedious work spent long nights in labs with hundreds of pages of research and information. Using fusion energy has always been a goal of the scientific world, but it has never been achievable. As of October 1st, 2013, however, scientists may have found something that could lead to the possible harnessing of fusion energy for ourselves.

The only problem with these projects is the massive amounts of funding that they are in need of. You can’t just buy gold for cheap these days, and many elements in order to experiment with fusion must be obtained and refined from highly expensive sources. Critics say that the key to harnessing fusion’s energy is not available any time in the near future, and say that the funding should be pulled. Some scientists disagree, because progress is always being made.

Read the story here and decide for yourself.



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